Car body construction


Implementation of fully flexible car body construction: Producing different vehicle models on one production line without retooling


Development of IT supported planning and technical solutions for flexible and intelligent car body construction

Demonstration units

  • Industrial series car body construction assembly line for a passenger-car door
  • Try-out device to reduce the system start-up time 
  • Testing device to assess lightweight construction potentials in operating materials
  • Test benches for initial and ongoing training under realistic production conditions
  • Innovative robot system to be used in the passenger compartment for aircraft assembly

Try-out area

More intelligence and flexibility in car body construction

The increasing range of models with reduced product life cycles means that strategies need to be developed for quick and resource-efficient production changeovers: Flexible production systems and intelligent software tools are required. 

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Human-machine cooperation

Robots in the human working area

One key focus of research is the role of humans in future industrial production. Challenges arise for example from the demographic development (work ergonomics), the increasing levels of automation and the new possibilities in information and communications technology. Age-appropriate production environments and new concepts for human-machine cooperation are key issues in this context.

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Modular component test bench

Developing and validating lightweight construction potential using modern testing technology

State-of-the-art measuring and testing technology allows for the analysis and testing of newly developed means of production and components used in car body construction and final assembly, such as tensioning devices, grippers, tools and assemblies (e.g. side parts and substructure).

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Series car body construction line

Series-oriented development of resource-efficient technologies

Based on a complete industrial car body construction system for assembling a series door, research approaches can be developed, tested and qualified right through to series readiness.

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