Cold bulk metal forming and precision forming

As part of the development and optimization of cold bulk metal forming and precision forming processes, process chains are being investigated that could be used to produce vehicle components in a more resource-efficient manner. The specific use of incremental forming processes such as spin extrusion, rotary swaging, axial forming and gear rolling, can reduce the component weight and save material. These processes and the savings potentials are demonstrated using the reference process chain for a gear shaft.

Fields of activity

  • Development and optimization of innovative, resource-efficient forming processes
  • Substitution of machining processing with forming processes
  • Development and optimization of new hollow-shaft concepts
  • Development of lightweight construction concepts

Ultra-short, forming-based process chain for powertrain components

By developing and testing more energy and resource-efficient individual processes and process chains (replacing energy-intensive machining processes with more efficient forming processes, lightweight construction concepts, process development), hollow gear shafts can be produced with less feed material, at lower processing costs and in a shorter time.

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Production-related potential for acoustically designed, mass-minimized gear shafts

The acoustic behavior can be influenced in a specific manner by adapting the geometric and material parameters.  

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