Ultra-short, forming-based process chain for powertrain components


  • Developing new, forming-based process chains for hollow gear shafts
  • Designing more resource-efficient partial processes; improving final component properties
  • Exploiting lightweight construction potential (from the solid shaft to the hollow shaft, i.e. more compact gear units) 


  • Substitution of machining processes by more resource-efficient forming processes
  • Introduction of effects from forming technology into the gear components

Development objectives

Spin extrusion:

  • Raw material: 40% reduction
  • Component mass: 30% reduction
  • Processing costs: 10% reduction

Gear rolling:

  • Raw material: 30% reduction
  • Process time: 50% reduction
  • Load-bearing capacities: 20% increase


  • Reduction of process times and material usage
  • Improvement of final component properties (strength, wear, surface topography)
  • Shortening of complete process chains
  • More economic production of gear components