Resource-efficient fine processing of crankshafts


  • Substituting pre-grinding of the bearings with hard-turn milling
  • Substituting finish-grinding of the bearings with hard-turn broaching and belt finishing
  • Hard-burnishing of the turned axial surface for flange bearings
  • Improved resource efficiency due to completely dry process


  • Tool and process development of hard-turn milling, hard-turn broaching and hard-burnishing
  • Development of tools and technology associated with belt finishing in order to achieve significant improvements in the straightness and roundness
  • Development of a regulation concept to minimize deformations when hard-turn broaching based on determination of the bearing geometry

Development objectives

  • Verification of the results on the crankshaft demonstration unit
  • Evaluation of the tribological bearing properties in test-bench runs
  • Determination of the savings potential


  • Significant reduction in primary processing times compared to grinding
  • Reduction in energy consumption
  • Completely dry process