At the Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology IWU, a new concept is being created for the future of industrial production in Germany:


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E³-Production means: carrying out an integrated observation of the process, process chain, factory and factory environment levels in order to investigate synergy effects and to convert this information into solutions for practical applications. In addition to Energy and resource savings, these include, in particular, solution concepts for an Emission-neutral factory as well as a new consideration of the Engagement of people in the production process.

The concept was developed into the "E³-Production" Fraunhofer lead project in November 2013, with a total of 12 Fraunhofer Institutes involved. In order to ensure that solution proposals can be put into practice more quickly and to familiarize the key industries with the topics and the results, demonstration units and pilot applications will be taking place at four sites in Germany up until 2016.

After two-and-a-half years of construction, the "E³-Forschungsfabrik Resource-efficient Production" was opened at the Fraunhofer IWU on 15th May 2014 as one of these demonstration units. Over an area of more than 1600 square meters and in close collaboration with industry, we are researching new solutions for the production technology of tomorrow in three areas of competence: "powertrain", "car body construction" and "data- and energy management 2.0".

Fields of activity

  • Integrated observation and production-related implementation of ultra-short process chains
  • Development and testing of a holistic energy and resource-management system
  • Development of IT-supported, planning-related and technical solutions for flexible and intelligent car body construction

Competence areas

Ultra-short process chains

Powertrain competence area

Developing resource-efficient technologies under realistic production conditions

Car body construction competence area

The intelligent factory

Data- and energy management 2.0 competence area