Modular component test bench

Developing and validating lightweight construction potential using modern testing technology

State-of-the-art measuring and testing technology allows for the analysis and testing of newly developed means of production and components used in car body construction and final assembly, such as tensioning devices, grippers, tools and assemblies (e.g. side parts and substructure).


  • Flexibility: retooling during production cycle
  • Availability: long service life
  • Resource efficiency: low tool mass

Evaluation using innovative testing technology

  • Stiffness analysis of complex systems
  • Multi-axial load situations
  • Load-capacity tests of optimized lightweight structures

Try-out module test scenario

  • Reproduction of real car body construction devices
  • Defined stiffness modification of the test specimen
  • Static and cyclic load situations
  • Sequential load application (strain sequence)


  • Mechanical property analysis of means of production, tools, components
  • Determining the settlement behavior of means of production