Development of ultra-short, forming-based process chains for the production of powertrain components (toothing, shafts, connecting rods etc.): Saving energy, materials and weight and improving component properties


Development and testing of more energy and resource-efficient single processes and process chains (replacing energy-intensive machining processes with more efficient forming processes, lightweight construction concepts, process development)

Demonstration units

  • Ultra-short forming-based reference process chain: Component demonstration unit for toothed gearbox shaft
  • Process chains for optimizing hollow shafts and toothing
  • Test benches for micro-structuring of surfaces (specific influencing of aspects such as tribology, sealing and joining technologies and haptics)

Cold bulk metal forming and precision forming

Innovative forming processes for gear components

The specific use of incremental forming processes such as spin extrusion, rotary swaging, axial forming and gear rolling, can reduce the weight and save material. These processes and the savings potentials are demonstrated using the reference process chain for a gearbox shaft.

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Machining – functional surfaces

Development and testing of hybrid production processes

Innovative processing technologies are being developed using active media and superposition of motion. By designing functionally micro-structured surfaces, aspects such as tribology, sealing and joining technologies and haptics can be influenced in a specific manner.

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